World's 1st kinky PUNK 路 EMO 路 METALCORE Festival 馃

Saturday, June 29, 2024
2:00 PM to 4:30 AM - 14.5 hours non-stop
Edelfettwerk 路 Hamburg, Germany

Experience THE most exciting, kinky summer day of the year ... with your favorite music!

Wild, full of energy and euphoria! We - the [esc]ape-Kollektiv from Hamburg - invite you to SUMMER PHASE 2024 - the world's first kinky PUNK 路 EMO 路 METALCORE festival. More than just an alternative kinky party, more than a rock festival!

We transform the Edelfettwerk in Hamburg into your XXL kinky safer space with your favorite music. Celebrate indoors & outdoors, meet new people, and be active. All sexual interests, (non-)genders, and sexualities are welcome.

Your highlights at SUMMER PHASE 2024:

6 top live bands from all over Europe on our Outdoor Festival Stage
XXL PUNK 路 EMO 路 METALCORE Indoor Dance Floor (until 4:30 AM)
Kinky XXL Play Area on two floors with a large, separate couples area
XXL Chillout Area with 600 square meters of beach, Truth or Dare, Photobooth, Candy Station, Food Truck & much more!
Dress code: kinky Rockstar

Be free & kinky and secure your ticket for SUMMER PHASE 2024 today - there are only 2,000 tickets - when sold out, then sold out!

Attention: Discounted Early-Bird tickets are still available!

The kinky festival for fans of ...

... and +44 路 A Day To Remember 路 AFI 路 Against The Current 路 Alesana 路 Alexisonfire 路 Annisokay 路 As I Lay Dying 路 Atreyu 路 Attack Attack! 路 Avril Lavigne 路 Billy Talent 路 Bowling For Soup 路 Bring Me the Horizon 路 Crossfaith 路 Driveways 路 Electric Callboy 路 Enter Shikari 路 Evanescence 路 Fights And Fires 路 Fit For Rivals 路 From First to Last 路 Good Charlotte 路 Guano Apes 路 Hall Of The Elders 路 Hands Off Gretel 路 Hawthorne Heights 路 Heaven Shall Burn 路 Hey Monday 路 Hit The Lights 路 I Prevail 路 I See Stars 路 Jimmy Eat World 路 Linkin Park 路 Made It Simple 路 Mayday Parade 路 Misconduct 路 Motionless In White 路 Northlane 路 Our Mirage 路 P.O.D. 路 Papa Roach 路 Parkway Drive 路 Pennywise 路 Red Handed Denial 路 RedHook 路 Rise Against 路 Sable Hills 路 Saosin 路 SecondShot 路 Senses Fail 路 Silverstein 路 Sleeping With Sirens 路 Slipknot 路 Suckerpunch! 路 The Ataris 路 The Browning 路 The Nearly Deads 路 The Offspring 路 The Oozes 路 The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 路 Three Times Royal 路 Two And A Half Girl 路 Venues 路 Wage War 路 Watch Out Stampede 路 We Butter The Bread With Butter 路 We The Kings 路 While She Sleeps 路 Witch Fever 路 Woe, Is Me 路 Zahna 路 zebrahead


PUNK 路 EMO 路 METALCORE - Celebrate six top international bands from all over Europe live on our Outdoor Festival Stage.

Performances will take place from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM. In case of rain on the day of the event, we will move the live shows to our heated XXL Indoor Dance Floor.

Novelists at Summer Phase 2024
from France 路

Intense & catchy. NOVELISTS from Paris have built up a global fan base since 2013 with their progressive metalcore sound. Nearly 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify clearly speak to their success and show how well the band's unique sound, led by frontwoman Camille Contreras, resonates.

Music Video: Turn It Up

Misconduct at Summer Phase 2024
from Sweden 路

Shared tours with Anti-Flag, Sick Of It All, AFI, Hatebreed, Ignite, and Death By Stereo - for nearly 30 years, the Swedish punk band MISCONDUCT has been active worldwide. They have also shared the stage with bands like Turbonegro, Korn, and Slipknot. Their sound: Melodic Hardcore Punk with catchy Pop-Punk influences. MISCONDUCT, we look forward to seeing you!

Music Video: Closer

Tenside at Summer Phase 2024
from Germany 路

"We are unbeatable live!" For 20 years, the Munich metal quartet TENSIDE has been performing on stage - including well known festivals like Wacken, Summer Breeze, or the With Full Force Open Air. However, the group has not yet played at a kinky event. We are very excited for this first time with TENSIDE!

Music Video: Pretty Lonesome

Call It Off at Summer Phase 2024
from the Netherlands 路

Sold-out shows, performances at major festivals, opening slots for New Found Glory and Panic! At The Disco - the Dutch band CALL IT OFF (formed in 2013) knows the recipe for perfect, catchy pop-punk anthems. Convince yourself of the skills of the four musicians at SUMMER PHASE 2024!

Musik Video: Letting Go

Dead Phoenix bei Summer Phase 2024
from Germany 路

The motivation of the five-member metalcore band DEAD PHOENIX to produce songs and perform on stage: "Our songs can be your strength, our words may be your courage." They aim to inspire, motivate, and empower with their music... On June 29, DEAD PHOENIX will make their way to us. We look forward to you and your performance!

Music Video: Ouroboros

Cherym at Summer Phase 2024
from Northern Ireland 路

CHERYM are a duo from Derry, Northern Ireland. Their music is a mix between garage rock and pop-punk. The inspiration for the two musicians comes from acts like Charly Bliss, Bikini Kill, Sl酶tface, PUP, and the Pixies.

Music Video: Boss Bitch

Our Location

Schnackenburgallee 202
22525 Hamburg-Eidelstedt

4 XXL Areas

Discover four XXL areas that we elaborately design for you in the spaces of the Edelfettwerk.

Festival Stage

outdoor (indoor in case of rain) 1,200 sqm 路 open from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Food Truck is open from 3:00 PM to 1:00 AM) 路 with Live Stage, Bar & Food Truck (vegan, vegetarian, meat options)

kinky XXL Play Area

indoor (Couples Getting-to-Know-You Terrace is outdoor) 500 sqm on two floors 路 open from 2:00 PM to 4:30 AM 路 1st Floor for everyone: lounge area, BDSM Playarea, Bondage Playarea, Get-to-Know Bar with Truth or Dare 路 2nd Floor for Couples & Trios only (whether in a relationshop or just met): lounge area, BDSM Playarea, Bondage Playarea, Bar, Getting-to-Know Terrace

XXL Chill out Beach

outdoor (covered in case of rain) 600 sqm 路 open from 2:00 PM to 4:30 AM 路 with up to 4-meter palms, white sand, DJ stage, Bar, Candy Station, Photobooth & Get-to-Know games


indoor 640 sqm 路 open from 8:30 PM to 4:30 AM 路 with DJ Stage & Drink Bar


You will find numerous toilets with urinals & toilets without urinals in or adjacent to all areas

XXL Cloakroom

Right at the entrance, you can change and leave all items at our permanently staffed XXL cloakroom (2鈧/item)

Smoking Area

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of SUMMER PHASE - if you want to smoke, you can do so in the designated smoking area.

Our Dress Code: Kinky Rockstar

The most intense parties happen when all attendees step out of their everyday outfit comfort zones! Therefore, choose an outfit that you wouldn't wear in your daily life or at a regular rock music party, and in which you can fully immerse yourself at SUMMER PHASE.

Combine with your outfit in equal parts

Rock Aesthetics

e.g., Metal, Emo/Scene, Goth, (Skater/Pop) Punk, Grunge, Glam, Rockabilly/Psychobilly, New Wave, Riot, Brit Pop/Indie, Alternative, Visual Kei, Rocker/Biker



e.g., kinky Vinyl Clothes, kinky Leather Clothes, Latex, Fetish, BDSM Accessories, sexy/naughty Outfit Pieces, exciting Lingerie, Harness, kinky Masks, Nylon, Net, Ropes, kinky Bodypaint/Makeup, kinky (BDSM-)Roleplay, naughty Cosplay, Petplay, naked skin

Admission to SUMMER PHASE will only be granted with an outfit that meets the dress code. To expedite entry, have a photo of your outfit ready at the entrance. Afterwards, you can change in front of the cloakroom. Outfits and all items brought must be free of religious, political, patriotic, and military elements.


Unsure? Use our Outfit Check!

We know it can sometimes be challenging - especially for first-time attendees of kinky events - to find the right outfit. Feel free to use our outfit check.

Send us a photo or a description of your planned outfit or any garments you consider suitable. Every submission will receive detailed feedback from us. We will help you find your perfect outfit. Of course, we treat all photos discreetly, and will not share or publish them. If you cannot or do not wish to use the outfit check, feel free to bring several outfit alternatives.

Shopping Tip

Still looking for the right outfit for SUMMER PHASE? You'll find it here:

DARKSIDE BOUTIQUE, Reeperbahn 152, 20359 Hamburg (call ahead to check if the 1st floor with a great selection of outfits is open)


Celebrate yourself! SUMMER PHASE is your Safer Space for acceptance, diversity, and inclusivity! All sexual interests, (non-)genders, and sexualities are welcome here. We create a place where you can be yourself and live out your desires. To ensure you can be completely free, there are three rules at SUMMER PHASE. Anyone who misbehaves will be immediately removed from the event by us or our security team. If you witness any rule violations, please contact us!

Only "Yes" means "Yes"!

Before entering the personal space of one or more individuals, verbally obtain consent from all parties involved for any interaction. Only engage in activities with other individuals to which they have clearly verbally consented beforehand.

No illegal drugs, no weed, no cameras, no phones.

Technical devices must remain in the cloakroom, with the exception of medical devices. If the device has other uses besides medical, it can only be used for medical purposes.

No fireplay, no wax play, no electroplay, no bloodplay, no rituals, no scat, no urine play, no carrying or using sharp blades (exception: scissors or similar as a safety instrument in bondage), weapons (including replicas), and objects that could immediately cause open wounds or long-term damage upon use.


If you ever find yourself unsure or unable to handle a situation at SUMMER PHASE, feel free to approach us at any time. You can recognize our friendly crew by the crew badges we wear around our necks. Additionally, our Awareness Team - the "Cats" - is present on all floors. You can identify the "Cats" by the brightly colored cat headbands they wear. They are available to assist you at any time and ensure that the rules are followed. Simply approach the "Cats" - they are here for you!

More Infor­mation

  • The SUMMER PHASE is aimed at individuals, groups, and couples who are enthusiastic about the music concept, sex-positive, relaxed, and open-minded. All sexual interests, (non-) genders, and sexualities are welcome!

  • The SUMMER PHASE starts at 2:00 PM. Our admission is open from 2:00 PM to 12:00 AM. After that, no further admission is possible.

  • To make it easier to connect with other attendees at the SUMMER PHASE, as at all events organized by the [esc]ape-Kollektiv, you can choose as many of our brightly glowing sticks as you like after the cloakroom.

    Our Color Codes:
    鈻 green: talk to me
    鈻 blue: first time here
    鈻 pink: I'm interested in sex
    鈻 orange: I'm into BDSM
    鈻 yellow: I'm submissive
    鈻 red: I'm dominant

    If you wish to wear different color sticks during the SUMMER PHASE, you can also pick them up later at the glow stick stand.

  • Take part in the guided tours of our location at 2:30 PM or 4:30 PM. The meeting point for the tours is the entrance area of the XXL Chillout Beach. We'll show you around the venue and answer any questions you may have.

  • In every room, or near all play stations and lounging areas, you will find our hygiene stations, consisting of condoms, dental dams, lubricant, disinfectant spray, wipes, plastic gloves, and trash cans. If you wish to use a towel, you can access our towel stations in both of our play areas. Additionally, please remove your shoes before using lounging areas and clean your play areas after use. Furthermore, our crew regularly cleans all play areas and lounging areas.

    In our restrooms, you will find additional hygiene items next to the sinks. We also kindly ask you to use our restroom cabins individually.

    If you ever find a place untidy or if something is missing, please speak to our team. We are here to assist you.

  • Sex toys, BDSM tools, and bondage items are not provided by us. However, you are welcome to bring your own, as long as they do not violate our rules.

  • If you feel hungry at the SUMMER PHASE, you will find small snacks at all bars, as well as a selection of small and larger sweets at our designated candy station (snacks, cotton candy, popcorn). These offerings are all free!

    If you're feeling more hungry, visit our food truck. From 3:00 PM to 1:00 AM, you will find delicious, warm dishes here (vegan, vegetarian, and meat options). The menus and prices for the dishes can be found at the food trucks.

  • Take a photo of yourself (and your companions) in our photo booth. The special thing: The photo is printed immediately, and you can take it with you. The photos taken are deleted immediately after printing. Absolute camera prohibition applies for the rest of the event.

  • Smoking is prohibited on the entire premises of the SUMMER PHASE. However, there is a large outdoor smoking lounge in the XXL Chillout Beach. You can smoke here.

SUMMER PHASE 2024 - KINKY Punk 路 Emo 路 Metalcore Festival Hamburg

Tickets for the SUMMER PHASE

There are only 2,000 tickets available for the SUMMER PHASE - when sold out, they're gone! Therefore, purchase a ticket in advance from our ticket provider! So far, all events organized by us, the [esc]ape-Kollektiv from Hamburg, have been sold out.

To obtain the link to our ticket shop on, select a ticket on this website, click "Buy Tickets," and fill out the registration form. In the registration confirmation, which we will send after reviewing your registration, you will receive the link to our ticket shop.

Super Early Bird Ticket

limited to 250 tickets

  • Admission when adhering to the admission times (2 PM to midnight), dress code, and our rules
  • 14.5 hours non-stop from 2 PM to 4:30 AM
  • 6 Live Bands on Festival Stage
  • Access to kinky XXL-Playarea, XXL-Chillout Beach, & XXL PUNK 路 EMO 路 METALCORE Dancefloor
  • Hygiene items, condoms, dental dams, & snacks provided free of charge
  • Your first time? Guided tour at 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM
Early Bird Ticket

limited to 250 tickets

  • Admission when adhering to the admission times (2 PM to midnight), dress code, and our rules
  • 14.5 hours non-stop from 2 PM to 4:30 AM
  • 6 Live Bands on Festival Stage
  • Access to kinky XXL-Playarea, XXL-Chillout Beach, & XXL PUNK 路 EMO 路 METALCORE Dancefloor
  • Hygiene items, condoms, dental dams, & snacks provided free of charge
  • Your first time? Guided tour at 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM
Regular Ticket

limited to 1,500 tickets

  • Admission when adhering to the admission times (2 PM to midnight), dress code, and our rules
  • 14.5 hours non-stop from 2 PM to 4:30 AM
  • 6 Live Bands on Festival Stage
  • Access to kinky XXL-Playarea, XXL-Chillout Beach, & XXL PUNK 路 EMO 路 METALCORE Dancefloor
  • Hygiene items, condoms, dental dams, & snacks provided free of charge
  • Your first time? Guided tour at 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM

If there are any remaining tickets on the day of the event, you can use the box office on-site. A ticket at the box office costs 鈧60. Also, note that drinks (at moderate club prices) and the cloakroom (鈧2/item) are not included in the event price. Payment at the bar can be made with cash or a debit/credit card, while payment at the cloakroom is cash only.

Buy Tickets

Our top priority is to ensure that SUMMER PHASE is a safer space for all attendees. Therefore, we would like to get to know you briefly before sending you the link to purchase tickets. Fill out this form (it takes less than 5 minutes), we'll check your registration, and respond shortly. Thank you! :) Alternatively, you can sign up on JoyClub (Link to the event on JoyClub), and we'll review your profile there.


The SUMMER PHASE is organized by the Hamburg-based [esc]ape-Kollektiv.

[esc]ape-Kollektiv aus Hamburg

We, the [esc]ape-Kollektiv, are a group of young, motivated individuals. For many years, our members have been creating safer spaces - places where you can be free and express yourself. In 2022, we came together to organize colorful, intense, and above all, diverse kinky parties in Hamburg.

As big fans of rock music from the 2000s and later decades, we launched the NOT A PHASE party in November 2023 - our kinky PUNK 路 EMO 路 METALCORE party. NOT A PHASE creates a safer space to celebrate this music and explore kinky experiences.

The SUMMER PHASE is our kinky PUNK 路 EMO 路 METALCORE highlight of 2024. For 14.5 hours non-stop, we party across 4 XXL floors to the favorite music of us and our guests.